Our #1 goal is to make homeowners and our solar partners happy. Here’s what we need to do to accomplish this goal together.


Change orders on jobs

Change orders are a major pain point for our customers, and we have had to cut contractors off for excessively expensive and frequent change orders.

  • Change orders can be submitted to be added to the financing if they are needed to get the roof to pass inspection. Acceptable items include dry rot, additional layer tear off, and decking repair).
  • If the homeowner wants additional work that is not required to get the roof to pass inspection, you may perform the work but must collect cash from the homeowner. You may not submit a change order to be financed (if not having it financed it is jeopardizing the deal, there are exceptions that can be made).
  • 1 square of wood repair must be included without charge for work done.
  • communicate change orders to us before work starts?

Changing your wholesale prices

You are in control of your pricing in the BidList portal. However, when you update pricing there it will not instantly change every bid that’s out there. There will be bids that sign with old pricing.

  • Your old pricing must be honored on bids that were created before you changed your pricing for 30 days after you’ve changed your pricing.
  • Beyond this time we will eat our fee to cover costs so that we can honor the bids provided to the customer.

Honoring pricing on sold jobs

Jobs take an average of 34 days to be approved for install by the solar company.

  • Honor pricing for 60 days from signature on signed contracts (we have made exceptions on jobs that require new sheathing).

Confirming work orders

  • If you confirm a work order, that means based on available information the price is acceptable. We won’t accept change orders for items that were missed when we provided the information needed to catch the change order. If the scope of work is unable to be confirmed, it is your responsibility to say so, and take the steps needed to acquire that information. We will help in any way we can.


  • BidList’s invoices should be paid on your next pay cycle after being paid by the solar company or homeowner. If any invoices are beyond 45 days late, your profile will be paused from being bid out on new jobs.


  • You must make yourself available at a minimum of once per week to go through all projects in the pipeline and make updates.


  • You must update the notes on active projects in the portal at least once a week.


Once the contract is signed schedule in person site visits within 3 days, and confirm the work order or submit a change order within 2 days of the visit.

For virtual site visits, confirm or deny the work order within 3 days of receiving photos.

Once you are approved to install a job, you must provide a date within 2 weeks (date doesn’t need to be within 2 weeks, just let us know when the date will be within 2 weeks).

Any final change orders need to be submitted within 2 days of roof install complete, ideally same day.


You will need to add solar companies as additional insured when it is requested. If the solar company is hiring you as a subcontractor, they may have a master agreement. You are not required to sign the master agreement.

Fee structure

You understand that BidList adds a 7% fee (minimum $500) to the wholesale cost, and we default to a $500 referral fee for the partner that sells the project. Some solar companies also add fees, $1k is a common amount.

You agree to pay BidList the amount invoiced. Sometimes it will be more or less than 7% if we eat costs or add margin


Contractor will not intentionally circumvent or attempt to circumvent relationships established by joining the BidList platform. BidList can seek liquidated damages if circumvention is implicated.

Consistent failure to meet timelines, unreasonable change orders, and not honoring pricing within guidelines will result in reduced project count.


You agree to the terms and expectations set forth above