Looking into roof work is a daunting task. Is there a way to just see some estimates for my roof without talking to a salesman that is trying to rip me off?

Until now, that was pretty much the only way you could do it. Unless you were trying to do the roof work yourself!

The internet is full of sites that promise you bids, and may even say they are just a few clicks away, but in reality these website are simply trying to fleece your for your personal information, and sell it behind your back!

Well not anymore…

Introducing, BidList.io , the very first site to allow anyone in the US to quickly see exactly how much real roofing contractors will charge to replace your roof. Answer a few questions and give an email address to send the estimates, and within 15-30 min you will have a set of real quotes from some of the best local roofing deals in your area. These roofers are vetted, trusted, and proven to work with exceptional craftsmanship, and pleasant service.

Getting a quote has never been easier

Just pick the kind of roof you would like, and what you currently have, and the savvy BidList system will generate a comparison of a few different bids from roofing companies around the area. You can see which roofers offer the best price, have the strongest warranty, or even how good their reviews are. Best of all, it’s completely free to use, and will never sell your personal information.

So how do you get the quotes? It’s super simple, just go to www.bidlist.io and click the ‘Request Roof Quote’ button! The site will take you to a quick form to fill out, and then within no time an email will be sent you provide you with the list of quotes.

Choosing the right roofer for your project

Once you have been sent the list of bids for your project, the next step would be to decide on which contractor would be the best fit for your project. The BidList comparison provides some really good information about the reviews and photos of past work for each contractor, along with some testimonials from previous customers. BidList also gives you an idea of how busy the contractor is, so you can decide if to go with one that is available right away, or maybe wait until the best contractor will be free.

Even with all of this great information, it can still be a tricky task to pick the right contractor for your project. That is why the expert team of BidList advisors will be available for you to contact at 1 (844) 252-3946. The team can provide insights into the different available contractors, and can help you decide who would provide the best experience for you.

What sort of financing is available?

The BidList platform allows homeowner to finance their projects through a number of different methods. The most popular financing tools are home-equity loans like PACE loans, or unsecured personal loans.

Moving forward with the project

So once you decide on with contractor to move forward with, what is the next step? The next step would be to click on the bid and read through the details of the proposal to make sure that the scope of work and contract details are in agreement with what you want for your project. If you have questions about this, the BidList team can explain it all for you. Once you have read through the proposal, the only thing to do is to sign the proposal and await a call from the contractor to schedule a site inspection. DON’T WORRY, the document is not a valid contract until the contractor confirms that the scope of work is correct and signs the document as well. Even then, you still have the opportunity to cancel the project until the permit or roofing material has been paid for.

So if you are looking to replace your roof, or you know someone who needs roof work done, don’t hesitate! Submit a request on BidList and start your roofing journey today!

Questions about BidList?

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